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 Nellie Gomez

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PostSubject: Nellie Gomez   Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:26 pm

Name: Nellie Gomez
Age: About 18, I guess
Pets(if any): None
Description(must include height hair and eye color and body type): 5'5", dark-brown/blond hair, has a nose-ring. Listens to her iPod a lot. Likes to cook. Can speak French, English, and Spanish. Can fly planes.
Branch: Madrigals
Country of Origin: Boston, USA
What Stronghold are you stationed at(dependant on the branch): Traveling with Amy and Dan Cahill
RP example*: "Oh, mon dieu," I muttered, squinting into the distance. There was a funny shape in the corner of my eye, real distant. I grabbed my bag, turning off my iPod. "Let's go, kiddies. Something's not right.... Is that an eclair?"
Biography*: Nellie was born in Boston, USA. Her mother, a French-speaking woman, taught her French while her father taught her Spanish as she grew, but she had no difficulty learning English. When she was about eight, she developed an interest in cooking. Nellie was taught how to fly planes when she was about fourteen, and four years later Grace Cahill hired her to "au pair" Amy and Dan. The man in black approached Nellie to spy on Amy and Dan to become a Madrigal.
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PostSubject: Re: Nellie Gomez   Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:27 pm

Looks good aproved
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Nellie Gomez
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