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PostSubject: JA   Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:34 pm

Name: Jake Alexander
Age: 14
Gender: male
Pets(if any):Dog name oilve
Description(must include height hair and eye color and body type): 5ft 5in black hair green eyes
Branch: lucain
Country of Origin: USA
What Stronghold are you stationed at(dependant on the branch): Paris France.
RP example*: I walked in and sat down"ALEXANDER!!" Yelled a oice. "I'm right here sir" I called back. "the leader's son Ian came in"Do you have anything on thouse branchless Cahills?!" he asked. "Sir I have a anything on any Cahill." I replided"Not the faimly! Amy and Dan!" He said. "oh.. yep "I said printing out a paper"Sir can I ask why your mad?" I asked him"It's thouse Cahills." He siad "what? Did Dan beat you up?" I asked "No was Amy" He said"Wow! How did that happen?!?!" I asked "She kicked me in a bad spot." He said. I had to work hard to keep a stright fce but it didnt work."Get back to work!" He said pushing me back in to my chair."I love it here" I said to myself.
Biography*:Jake lived with hes parents in the USA and then they moved when he was 13 to help out in the strong hold. He ammetly became the faveroit of the 2 kids. Ian and Natalie. He worked as a intellages officer but wanted o get out of the office. He was one stubron fellow.
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