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PostSubject: Grace   Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:46 pm

Name: Grace Maual
Age: 13
Pets(if any):3 dogs 2 of them bros.
Description(must include height hair and eye color and body type):5ft 5in, brown hair, brown eyes
Country of Origin:Usa
What Stronghold are you stationed at(dependant on the branch): britsh musem
RP example*: I walked in and sat down "Hey grace" Said jhon my parneter "Hey jhon" I said back"Any thing exciting happen?" I asked "Yep Beo Oh came around to day/"
"really?" I said"really he said. 'cool" i said "cool? You think its cool inhere? Its a 100 dagrees!" he joked.Then the alam went off."what the?" I said as we ran down the hal towards the area that had been set off.
Biography*: Grace lived in the states for 10 years then moved to londan with her faimly for cloused reasons. ashe was the smartest in her class and one of the prettyest.She was consided a lab rat or a person hat just did lab work but was way faster then any field agent. Her dogs also work in the strong hold as gaurd dogs but were the nicest dogs ever.the day the alarm went off people relised that she was athlceic.
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