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 Yesterday Knight

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Violette Yesterday

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PostSubject: Yesterday Knight   Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:09 pm

Name: Yesterday Allegra Knight
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Pets(if any): nope
Description(must include height hair and eye color and body type): petite body, pale skin with angular face and huge blue-green-gray eyes. A few barely noticable freckles across her nose. She's 5'2. Her hair is dark brown and slightly wavy to the middle of her back, with jagged layers and streaks of purples and blues. She has small feet and her hands are a little big...
Branch: Janus
Country of Origin: America
What Stronghold are you stationed at(dependant on the branch): New York City
RP example*: I blink once. Twice. Three times, before giving up and putting my dorkily too big Ray-Bans back on. I scowl to myself as the world goes back into focus. I hated Cory. I wished I wasn't pathetically near-sighted. I hoped one day I would be able to go a full day without Cory sliding down my nose and onto the floor. I wanted to go six months on just one pair of glasses, versus two or three. I sigh heavily as I picture the panel I was sketching. I watched my imaginary hero fly into the side of a building, and cringe.
Biography*: grew up with her parents, and when she was 10, was recognized for a comic book she'd written and drawn, when a boy in her class stole it and his dad (who worked at a comic publishing company) found it. From there, her family moved to New York to avoid young "Sera" (her nickname) from constant spotlight for her now published 3 issue comic. She now attends a private school.

NOTES-- her nickname is Sera, she's nearsighted, her three most important things are music, art, and writing. She is kind of goth, and has her ears pierced twice. Her favorite colors are blue and purple, and she is deathly afraid of spiders, grocery stores, and is very claustrophobic, as well as slightly agoraphobic.
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PostSubject: Re: Yesterday Knight   Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:12 pm

Wow this is like the best from yet aproved
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Yesterday Knight
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