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 Dan Cahill

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PostSubject: Dan Cahill   Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:37 pm

Name: Dan Cahill
Age: 11
Pets(if any):none
Description(must include height hair and eye color and body type): brownish blond hair,blue eyes
Branch: Madrigal
Country of Origin:Usa Boston excatly
What Stronghold are you stationed at(dependant on the branch): um idk he's in the race for the clues
RP example*: ''Can you memorize the code dan''asks amy''Duh of corse i can''i say.''We then do it''she says I look at it for a second and say''Got it its 4598''.''Dan are you sure''she say worried ''Well of chorse i am Photographic memory remeber''i say.''Well sorry that i wanted to make sure'' ''Oh really did you''.''Dan shutup''she says ''No why should I''i reply.
Biography*: Dan grew up in Boston.At the age of 2 his parents died in a house fire.After that he and Amy went to live with their aunt Beatrice but she didnt want to live with them so she got them a apartment and a baby sitter/au pair.They spent every weekend with there grandma Grace.Once Grace had died they went to her funarel and joined the races for the 39 clues.
Notes:he is really good at math and has a photographic memory
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Dan Cahill
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